The Sensational Tastes of Africa

When discussing world cuisine, it is sad to say that African food is rarely mentioned. This needs to be rectified as the cuisine from Africa makes use of local products and fresh spices. This blog will seek to offer exciting information on what to expect from African dishes, how to create their unique flavors, and the most popular recipes. Visitors can find national recipes from South Africa, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe, among other countries. Discover the delights of seafood okra stew, North African lentil and chickpea soup, and coconut rice provides delicious flavors from a warm and friendly continent.

Tibs: One of the Most Popular Ethiopian Dishes

10 Jun 2021

Tibs refers to sliced lamb or beef that has been pan-fried in onion, butter, and garlic. It may also contain vegetables (optional). It is one of the most popular dishes among Ethiopians within and outside the country. Nowadays, even non-Ethiopians are fond of it in Ethiopian restaurants.

What to Eat in Zimbabwe

3 May 2021

While Zimbabwe is a country with a bad leadership reputation (think Robert Mugabe), their pride shines when it comes to dishes. Here, you can eat Sadza, Muriwo Na Nyama, Mabhonzo emombe, Muriwo Unedovi, and Mopane worms. Other delicacies include Maheu, Kapenta, and Nyama.

Traditional South African Recipes

17 Mar 2021

Add delicious bonuses to your online casino gaming and movie nights! Virtual entertainment just got more enjoyable and enticing with winning flavors from traditional South African recipes.

Odds are you’re enjoying online gaming, let’s bump it up a notch with guaranteed menu wins. Just a note on traditional South African cuisine, there’s a world of delicacies consisting of appetizing snacks, treats, and hearty foods for every palate. *Wonderfully flavorful, this region’s culinary repertoire is exalted with recipes from the Khoisan, Zulu, Bantu, Xhosa, Cape Malay, French, Indian, British and Dutch. That’s a lot of chefs in the kitchen unifying culinary heritages!

What are you craving? Robust barbecue, roasted meats, hearty stews, aromatic spiced curry, a fresh foray of local fruits and vegetables, sugary sweets? Your taste buds will be gloriously delighted with new or favorites from one of the world’s most tempting cuisines. Let’s get cooking!

Boerewors - A Braai Essential

*Boerewors are sausages made from fresh beef, lamb, and pork, seasoned with pungent *coriander, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg. *South African style means you might be cooking around the “Braai” or outside barbecue grill before you start your online casino session. If you are without an outdoor wood-fired braai, a barbecue grill with charcoal works great for Boerewors! This traditional South African recipe is easy, just pop the rounded barbecue sausages on the grill and cook to sizzling perfection! 

Bobotie - Beyond Meatloaf

*A succulent Cape Malay-originated meatloaf tastefully packed with tangy, sweet, gusto! Bobotie is a zesty *blend of minced beef or lamb, curry, ginger, garlic, onion, bell peppers, dried apricots, raisins, and milk. Topped with eggs and baked to golden perfection, served with spiced rice, banana, coconut, and fruit chutney. 

Biltong - Simple Snacking

Are you a minimalist in the kitchen? Desiring a simple savory snack while you’re in the mix of online casino gaming and Netflix? Biltong is your go-to! *This popular South African jerky-like dried meat snack is marinated with coriander, black pepper, and vinegar. Truly satisfying at any time! 

Chakalaka - Veggie Relish

*Indigenous Khoisan Tribes discovered over 300 edible life-sustaining plants in South African Regions. Vegetarian and vegan recipes are celebrated especially when it comes to Chakalaka. Indulge in traditional beans, cabbage, tomatoes, and a sensational spice line-up: curry, ginger, paprika, green pepper, garlic, clove, and red pepper. Serve chilled or warmed on bread or with stews and meats. 

Melktert - Custard Heaven

*Hailing from the Dutch Cape setters, Melktert is a luscious Traditional South African custard dessert similar to cheesecake. Assured to melt in your mouth, you will love this sweet pastry crust lined with a milky, sugary, flour and egg custard. Top-off your online casino playtime with a sweet tooth treasure.

Malva Pudding - Irresistible Confection!

Malva Pudding, definitely a sanctuary of edible delight for sweet tooth seekers. This South African baked treat is Cape Malay-inspired. *Prepare yourself for a decadent, rich warm cake sweetened with caramelized apricot jam that melts the cake into a creamy pudding texture. Serve with vanilla bean ice-cream or creme Anglaise for complete sugar fix satisfaction. 

Malva Pudding is a delicious way to celebrate your online casino game wins! 

Take your game and movie viewing to new pleasure levels with tantalizing foods from the Rainbow Nation’s multi-cultural lineages!

The Best of Nigerian Cuisine

12 Mar 2021

Nigeria is one of those African countries with unique food culture. What you will eat here may not be found elsewhere on earth. Some of the best dishes in the country include Jollof rice, pounded yam, Egusi soup, Ogbono soup, Efo Riro, Ewa Agoyin, and Suya.